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In general, we aim to give those attending a retreat for the first time, a room on their own, unless they have expressly stated that they wish to or are willing to share.  That may be with a positive partner or a good friend who is also attending and confirms their willingness to share.


After that, it is entirely down to availability of rooms / beds and the numbers seeking to attend a given retreat. 

Each venue has a number of rooms suitable to those with mobility access requirements.


Places are only confirmed when the agreed payment has been received in full, or a fully funded place has been confirmed If you pay late or haven’t provided your financial support status to the Booking Secretary then you seriously risk missing out on your place.  Frequently bookings fill up within 2 or 3 days, such is the demand for places. 


Disabled Rooms


In each of the venues that we use, there are a number of rooms which are set up for disabled access and use.  These are not necessarily on the ground floor but may be accessible via a lift.  These rooms too are allocated on a first come first served basis. 


Serodiscordant Partners


We are, on occasions, asked about running a retreat where a HIV+ member may attend with a HIV– person.  This was trialled a while back, but after two weeks of the bookings being opened, we had ZERO bookings.  Accordingly, we had no choice be to revert to retreats being for the exclusive use of those who are HIV+.

Room Allocations