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I am a Mixed Race 58 year old woman, taking part in the HiVitality retreats has been so helpful to me over the years, to be able to talk freely and just be myself has been an important part in my journey. 


The last one in July (2021) was amazing.  I got a lot out of it, especially after shielding. 

I was able to participate with a diverse group which helped me with my health to be able to mingle in a very safe place and to feel safe as well. 


Would not know what to do if we never had this space.

Thank you             


JW – London

When the National Long Term Survivors Group (NLTSG) first held its residential weekends at Glenfall House Cheltenham, members wondered who would be missing, at the next weekend.

Back in the early 90s, living with HIV for five years was considered long-term survival, which explains the five-year rule that was in place long after it became irrelevant.


Here is just some of the feeback we have recieved from people who have attended our retreats