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Shallowford House is 5 miles from Stafford, has been used for many years now. It is in the countryside within pleasant grounds to walk in where you will see pheasants, a couple of alpaca & pygmy goats

The Nightingale Centre is 10 miles from Buxton, in the heart of the Derbyshire dales.  The village is surrounded by countryside and the venue is immediately next to a sheep farm.   

Calendar of Events

 10th – 12th June 2022
The Nightingale Centre, Derbyshire
Invites will be sent out on 29th April

We will be offering outdoor adventure activities. read more


5 – 8 September 2022
Shallowford House, Nr Stafford
Note:  This is a 3 night event - Pricing

Invites will be sent out on 22nd July


9 – 11 December 2022
Shallowford House, Nr Stafford

Invites will be sent out on 28th October






10 – 12th March 2023
Shallowford House, Nr Stafford

Invites will be sent out on 27th January 2023


7 – 10th August 2023
Shallowford House, Nr Stafford
Note:  Dogs will be allowed to attend this event.

Note:  This is a 3 night event - Pricing

Invites will be sent out on 23rd June 2023


8 – 10th December 2023
Shallowford House, Nr Stafford

Invites will be sent out on 27th October 2023












Since the creation of the Charity in 1992, retreats have been run four times a year running from late on the Friday afternoon through until a little after lunch on the Sunday.

We have repeatedly been asked to run a retreat over a longer period, over three or even four nights. 
We are trialing this in September this year and again in August 2023.  

For these longer retreats there are extra costs, some of which have to be passed on, see Pricing and Concessions

Other Activities


Following many requests for there to be activities other than discussion groups, we are trialing a day of activity, for those interested, on the Saturday during the June 2022 retreat in Derbyshire.  Details


For the September 2022 retreat, which is over 3 nights, there will be a number of different activities, intermixed with the usual discussion groups. Again, details to follow. 

Would you like to do something other than discussion groups, at one of our retreats? Then please send your ideas to us, let us know how it would run, who would do it and what costs would be involved. 
If you know someone who could do it or if you would do it, let us know.  As few things in life are free, please let us know how it would be funded. 

Contact us with your proposals, including what you can bring to the table here.

In general, we aim to give those attending a retreat for the first time, a room on their own, unless they have expressly stated that they wish to or are willing to share. Please see our Rooms Allocation policy

We currently use two venues for our retreats – Shallowford House and The Nightingale Centre, each of which are set in the countryside and can accommodate around 30 people. 


We always have sole use of premises so that all those attending can feel that they can be completely open about their status without fear of being overheard by HIV- people and stigmatised.

If you have previously registered, or have previously attended a retreat and recieve our newsletters, there is no need to

re-register as invites are automatically sent to

our members.


If not, please register here

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